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Staff Philosophy

Deer Run is committed to excellence in ministry as a Christian camp. We believe that God has entrusted us with many resources to use for His glory – the natural beauty of the lake and the woods that surround camp, our location close to the White Mountains, financial resources, and the gifts and abilities he has given each member of the staff.  Because we desire to use these resources wisely, we expect excellence in every aspect of what we do, so that we can return these resources to God as an excellent gift.

Our camp staff is the single most important factor in determining the success and impact of the camp. All camp personnel are selected on the basis of spiritual maturity, educational background, previous leadership training, activity skills, interest in young people, and potential length of service.

There are several types of jobs at camp.  The most visible people at camp are the counselors, who live in the cabins with the campers, teach activities, lead Bible studies and devotionals, and provide guidance and direction throughout the day.   Being a counselor is neither a job nor a vacation—it is a ministry that demands a high level of self-sacrifice and service to others. Counselors are “on the job” almost 24 hours a day and are expected to interact with every camper with patience, love, sympathy, impartiality and sincerity. Such work requires complete dependence on God’s power to sustain and enable you. Being a counselor is a demanding job—but ultimately extremely rewarding. There are few joys that compare with seeing God change a young person’s life through the impact of the gospel lived out on a daily basis.

All counselors, and a number of support staff members, serve as activity teachers. We offer a wide variety of instructional and elective activities during the morning and afternoon so that each camper has the opportunity to experience several activities each day, and campers are given the freedom to select their own activities. We value flexibility and innovation and are always open to new ideas for activities. Activity instructors are responsible for planning their activity, ensuring the safety of the campers as they participate, and challenging campers to continually improve their skills in the activity. There is little purpose in going to archery and not learning to hit the target or building a model rocket and not testing its aerodynamics at a launch. Activities, however, are not an end in themselves. We are more interested in fostering personal and spiritual growth through the activities than in producing experts.

Counselors are also expected to lead their cabin on a hike and overnight camping experience either close to camp or in the White Mountains. These trips enable the campers to build close bonds with each other, experience the wilderness, learn outdoor survival skills, and draw closer to God by living in His creation. Counselors are paired with a member from our Tripping Staff who take primary responsibility for planning the trip, helping the campers pack appropriately, and leading the hike.

The number of support staff at camp roughly equals the number of counselors, so there is always a need for qualified staff to work on the waterfront as Boat Drivers, in the kitchen as Cooks, at the stables caring for the horses and giving riding lessons, on Trip Staff, or teaching specialized activities. We expect all staff members to embody faithfulness, integrity, promptness, dependability, alertness, foresight, initiative, and the ability to work toward a desired goal.