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Staff Forms

Please keep the following requirements in mind as you apply for summer staff positions:

1. Required pre-camp training starts approximately 10 days before camp. Counselors are strongly encouraged to be certified as lifeguards.  A lifeguard training course is offered in New Hampshire by Brookwoods and Deer Run immediately before the pre-camp training.  In addition staff members teaching specific activities (Ropes Course, Sailing, Canoeing, Riflery, Horseback Riding, etc.) will be asked to report early for certification training in their activity area.

2.Staff members are required to report to camp with a current medical history form completed and two forms of identification such as their drivers license, a copy of their birth certificate, social security card or passport.

3. All counselors/staff will have American Red Cross Standard First Aid/CPR.  You are expected to earn these certifications before you arrive at camp.

4. At the start of the summer, Staff will be loaned a staff shirt, which will be worn on special occasions, such as incoming days and Sundays. Staff Shirts are expected to be returned in good condition.

5. All staff/counselors evaluate their campers and programs twice during the summer, write parent letters home one time per camper, and complete mid-summer and end of camp evaluations before ending summer employment.

6. The transportation of young people is a very important part of our camping program. All counselors and staff who drive camp vehicles must have a clean driving record and be approved by the camp’s insurance company. Drivers License numbers will be required to allow the insurance company to complete a background check.

The following forms are available: