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Man Camp 2015

Posted by on November 15, 2015

Man Camp is coming!
There is an old saying between Camp Directors: “If you don’t make plans by November, it won’t happen next summer”.  Therefore, in that spirit, we have make plans and are ALREADY looking forward to the Spring thaw and MAN CAMP!
We are looking forward to Man Camp 2016. There is a lot to be done in order to be ready for summer, and if you are like us, we are looking for an excuse to hang out with all our favorite camp people. Block out May 13-15 on your calendars and come help us prepare for camp. This spring we will gather together to prepare camp, get some spiritual encouragement, and connect with friends old and new.

DSCN3033                                    Friday
6:00 pm          Arrival
6:30                 Dinner
7:15                  Welcome – Moose Hall
8:00                Worship/Teaching
8:00 am         Breakfast
8:30                Worship – Moose Hall
9:00-12:30    Project time
12:30              Lunch
IMG_09221:00-5:30      Project time
5:30                Dinner – Magic Steve’s famous ribs
6:10                Project Review/Teaching – Moose Hall
7:30                Ice Cream in JJ’s
7:30 am         Breakfast Cookout
8:30               Worship – Moose Hall
9:30               Progress Reports & Project time
12:30             Lunch
1:00               Finish projects or head home
New for 2016: if you want to come early on Friday to get a head start on your project, let us know.   We will feed you lunch too!

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Building Leaders Through Relationships

Posted by on October 20, 2015

 Craig Boronow, MRO Director 
25 years ago, I was a little boy in Sunday school, staring up at flannel-grams of a cartoon Apostle Paul. The Apostle in Chains, survivor of shipwrecks, and the escaped prisoner, Paul was everything a 7-year-old could want in a Biblical hero.  Now, with more than a quarter of my life between me and those first encounters, I look at Paul differently. He’s every bit the hero to me that he was then, and his miraculous life stories still dominate the landscape of his legacy.  What’s changed is that now I see him as a role model.  At Moose River Outpost, we are building Godly young men and women. Paul did the same, and his success in doing so brought on the transition of Christianity from a sect of believers in Jerusalem to a widespread and growing religion. Paul didn’t take charge of the people he told about Jesus. He introduced them to God, encouraged them to think and work out their faith, and then mentored them and got out of their way. He was building thoughtful leaders, not just dogmatic followers. Our goals here at MRO are not so different. Last summer at camp our Bible study series focused on Paul. In my mind he is a study in hard-working relational inefficiency. Working with people and raising up leaders cannot be efficient. People’s minds aren’t engaged when we just herd them into a room and talk to them en masse. They engage when we slow down, share coffee with them; or better yet sit at a campfire with them and share a s’more under a canopy of stars. Paul couldn’t just preach. He had to visit, share in the work of a local community as a tentmaker, and develop close relationships. This is why our counselors at MRO are so important. Leaders are built not with lists, or instructions, but with examples, and learning at the speed of conversation.
So much of Paul’s methods are still relevant parts of what happens at MRO. As the writer of the Epistles, I know that Paul could appreciate the value of a good letter – scrawled instead of typed, composed no faster than a pen can move, so that the impulses of the heart have time to be distilled on the page. As a constant traveler, I know Paul appreciated the value of a very long walk: How hard things bind us, expose our need to grow, and help us learn. These things are part of the MRO experience now – 2000 years later. And the effect is the same.
Paul changed the world, and we’re setting out to do nothing less. All around the camp community, and increasingly all around the world, MRO alums are having an impact.  Some as camp counselors, others as doctors, teachers, social workers, and accountants. The styles and methods are as diverse as the people themselves, but these are thinking, feeling, men and women who have learned to apply Jesus’ teaching to their own lives. As you look over the staff list in this newsletter, pray that they’ll build leaders who follow their hearts, and followers whose hearts belong to God.

Winter Reunion is Coming

Posted by on September 18, 2015

WHERE: Brookwoods and Deer Run

Games, sledding, broom hockey, hot chocolate, talks by the fireplace, summer videos, singing, Bible Studies, evening devotions and much more.

REGISTRATION COST: $120.00 per person for the Reunion.

CAMPERS ARRIVE : Plan to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00pm on Friday, January 1st. Dinner will NOT be served at camp, so please eat before you arrive.

SALT and LDP: Your Winter Reunion will start 24 hours earlier on Thursday, December 31st! Plan to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00pm on Thursday, December 31st. Dinner will NOT be served at camp

DEPART: The reunion will end at 2:00pm on Sunday, January 3rd.

WHO WILL BE THERE: Your fun-loving Brookwoods and Deer Run counselors, campers and other staff members. Only those age 12 and above will be permitted to attend!

WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bags, your Bible, your journal, lots of warm clothes, and your toothbrush!

BUS: The bus will leave Lexington, Massachusetts from the McDonalds and Mobil rest stop on Route 128N, located just after the Route 2 interchange traveling north. It will leave Lexington at 6:00 pm on Friday, January 1st, and will return approximately 4:30 pm on Sunday, January 3rd.

AIRPORT: Flights into Manchester Airport in New Hampshire or Logan Airport in Boston, should be scheduled to arrive between 3:00 and 6:00 pm on Friday, January 1st, and depart from 2:00 and 6:00 pm on Sunday, January 3rd. Airport transportation will only be provided to those arriving on airplanes.

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New SALT Program

Posted by on February 27, 2015

Introducing a new program at Brookwoods and Deer Run
One of the highlights of serving on a camp staff year-after year is to see the growth and development of the campers as they return each summer.  The 8-year old, who might be afraid of the dark,  transforms in the 16-year old who completes a multi-day hike LOVING IT!   The last few years in High School are so important developmentally, and it is hard for everyone in the camp family to participate in the extended two-summer leadership programs, LDP and WILD.   To that end we are introducing a new program for those campers would like to extend their camp stay but are limited by their available time.    The SALT program (Servant And Leadership Training) is a four-week one summer experience for 16 and 17 year old boys and girls, run out of Brookwoods and Deer Run in New Hampshire.   During their month at camp, participants will participate in self-discovery through self-assessment, team building and service. The capstone of the experience is a week-long service opportunity outside of camp. This program is limited to the first 5 boys and 5 girls that meet the qualifications of the program.  The program will run July 12th to August 8th.
The SALT program is designed to provide a continuing opportunity for Brookwoods, Deer Run and Moose River Outpost campers to be involved with the camp community and expand their faith through exploration of themselves, each other, and the meaning of service to another community. The four-week program combines team building and training experiences, with Biblical Studies in preparation for an extensive service opportunity to others.
Proposed SALT Schedule:
◦ 3 day extended outdoor experience in the woods or on the water.
◦ On site team building coupled with Bible Studies, personal exploration and inventory.
◦ Integration with Brookwoods and Deer Run Banquet
◦ One Week Service opportunity
◦ Camp “Fun Days” and reflection at completion of the service opportunity.
Who should consider the program? If you have completed the regular camp programs at Brookwoods and Deer Run, or Moose River Outpost, this is the next experience for you if LDP or WILD does not fit your schedule.
Click HERE to download the application to all of the Leadership Programs at Christian Camps and Conferences.
While we can’t possibly accommodate EVERYONE in the camp programs and one can’t be a camper FOREVER, we hope that SALT will  provide some great growth experiences for this High Schooler’s as they develop and look forward to graduation and possibly college.
Of course, please call me at the office at 603-875-3600, if you have any detailed questions about SALT.