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The Next Generation

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The Board of Directors and Executive Director have given prayerful consideration to the question, “What is next?” While expanding our ability for outreach, we want to ensure a high standard of excellence. This demands careful stewardship, planning and spiritual discernment. Facilities are critical tools. The facility needs of the camps in New Hampshire need to be balanced with expanded impact at Moose River Outpost.
the next generation

Continuing Our Heritage encompasses three themes:

1. Continue to maintain our existing relationships. Our organization is people, not buildings and facilities. Our focus needs to be on people and everything we do should be examined to make sure we are making an impact.
2. Making camp accessible for more campers. We first need to strategically add space and facilities to the camp. This will allow more ministry opportunities through additional beds and new program features. Secondly, we need to provide scholarship funds to extend camp’s life changing experience to more campers and their families.
3. Being responsible stewards for the next generation. This will ensure buildings and facilities remain an effective platform for programming and the pursuit of excellence. The facilities designed and built in the 1950’s don’t necessarily reflect present day needs and culture.