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scholarship fund

Every year approximately 325 campers that attend our summer ministries receive some degree of financial assistance. Quite simply, a donation to the Scholarship Fund helps make a summer camp experience possible for a deserving child. We desire to maintain the highest possible camp experience. At the same time, as costs have risen, we want to make the camp experience accessible to a broader group of campers and their families. Witnessing our campers growing in Christ is our greatest reward and most important outcome. We know this is what many parents desire for their children.
Tuition (the true cost of a camper attending camp) is a huge sacrifice for many families—including our alumni.
Currently, we have a limited scholarship budget, which is funded by annual gifts and the operational budget. Earnings from the Inspiration Point Endowment Fund, combined with future annual gifts, will allow us to continue our legacy of recruiting a broad array of young people—one that reflects the world we live in.