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A Day at Camp


It’s quiet. The morning light filters through the leaves outside, leaving dappled shadows on the cabin’s wooden floor. I am the first awake, or at least no one else seems to be making noise. There is no way Katie, my bunk mate, is awake yet. She is always the last out of bed and Megan, our counselor, has to shake her awake at least three times every day! I swing my feet off the bunk onto the floor and shuffle over to the sink. Remmie and Anne are awake now and giggling because Anne can’t find her glasses and is starting to knock her clothes off the shelf. It’s the start of another day at camp and I can’t wait to get going.

We all pitch in cleaning up the cabin before we jump back on our bunks for a short devotional time. Now we head off to the backfield to line up before breakfast.

At breakfast we have pancakes and bacon. I love bacon! But instead of pancakes I just have some fruit and cottage cheese from the cereal bar. Today after breakfast we sang my favorite song in the chapel. I used to think that the Bible didn’t make any sense, but back in the cabin for our study time, Megan explains it all and I am finding that the Bible isn’t just some book at church. These times of sharing each morning have brought me so close to my cabin mates. I never thought Bibles study would be fun too.


First period was a long walk up the road to horseback riding. Along the way Katie and I met the other girls in our class so it was a fun walk. During second period, I finished painting my ceramic plate. I think it looks nice, but I love the bird that Sarah painted on her plate. She says it will be green and blue after it is fired in the kiln.

By now I am ready for lunch, and as we enter the dining hall, I hear the other girls whispering about who’s name we are going to call out to sing for us. It’s Lauren the Whitetail counselor who has a really funny voice. After eating, it’s my turn to clear the table so I collect all the dishes and bring them to the kitchen before we head back to our cabin for rest hour.

Third period is sailing. It’s so fun to go out on the lake with a friend and zoom back and forth across the cove and look back on the boathouse and beach. I also love that during free time I am already down at the waterfront in my bathing suit so I am ready to swim with all my friends.

After dinner, we will be playing a new game with all the other cabins. I think it may be a scavenger hunt but I am not sure because it’s going to be a surprise. But then, everyday at camp is a surprise and I am so excited about tomorrow.