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Christian Heritage


Camp Deer Run was the natural result of 20 years of excellence at Camp Brookwoods. Brookwoods, a Christian boys camp, was born in 1944 when Dr. Lawrence H. Andreson, founder of the camp, purchased one hundred and ten acres on Lake Winnipesaukee. The rugged natural beauty of this property, featuring a quarter-mile of waterfront, has enchanted visitors from the beginning.


After 20 years of families asking about a quality place for their daughters, the Summer of 1964 brought the opening of Deer Run, a sister camp to Brookwoods, comparable in every way in terms of purpose, philosophy, program, and leadership. This was the beginning of the exciting, innovative, and fruitful ministry of Deer Run as a Christian girls camp.

Our Christian Heritage is not just our past; it is our present and future.  We firmly believe in the Bible, Jesus’ work of salvation, and our hope of eternity with him.  Deer Run was built on this truth and continues to operate within it.